Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Praises and Prayers from Clayton & Angie Dinn

I’m not even sure yet how to put into words what happened today. Honestly I thought about not even posting yet but I know everyone wants to know how our meeting with Menqian’s foster family went so I guess I’ll just do my best and write more about it after I have a few days to process it all.

We rode the train from Nanning to Guilin this morning and saw a lot of China’s country side. Very poor rural areas. I’ll post more about that another day I’m sure.

But at 3pm we were to meet her foster family and some caregivers from Guilin orphanage. As we pulled into the orphanage Menqian saw her grandmother… she ran out of the car and hugged her. We immediately followed and took lots of pictures (208 photos and videos today to be exact). Then we went into the office of the orphanage and spoke with the director for a little while. The whole time people were coming in and out giving greetings to Menqian and we’d take photos…. One day soon she can tell us their names. Then we went with the director and our translator to the courtyard area and officially met the foster mom, dad, and grandma. Her China mom, dad, and nai nai…. She is obviously closest to her foster grandma (nai nai). We exchanged thank you’s about a million times, told them that they have done a wonderful job with Menqian. Her nai nai told us not to spoil her…. We promised to love and care for her and that she’d turn into a wonderful young woman. We exchanged gifts…. We gave them a handmade bowl set, with our contact info in the bag. They gave all our girls red envelopes with money and it had a note in it for Menqian along with their contact info.

They asked if we could have dinner with them so we ended up taking them, the orphanage director, a person with foster care, the foster uncle, brother, and nephew to a very fun dinner. Really words just can’t express at this point the gratefulness…. Almost Cinderalla(ish) way this has all worked out. They seem to genuinely love Menqian and have actually cared for her since she was very young because her China mom and China dad both work in the orphanage. They told us stories and personality traits about her. The foster grandmother and dad were moved to tears at several points.

We don’t think Menqian “really” understands what is happening even though they have all done a seemingly good job at explaining it even in our presence so please continue to pray for her. We are not sure when the actual realization that this is more than a see you later will hit but we need wisdom when it does.

Please pray for Grace and Faith too… they are both exhausted, ready for some rest, less business, etc. We will get some down time in Guangzhou but that is still 3 days away so please pray for supernatural, God given strength for us ALL. We really want to be able to enjoy our days in Menqian’s hometown. We love you all and covet your prayers.
Please continue praying for them!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Praises from Angie Dinn

Having another great day! We signed the paperwork this morning to make Joy Angela Menqian officially ours and here are photos of some of the fun we had today!! Swimming, feeding huge fish, hamster balls, bumper cars, Pizza Hut, and WalMart!

We go to Guilin tomorrow so please pray for our meeting with her foster family and some care givers in the orphanage. Pray for Menqian’s and our Godly wisdom and understanding!

Continue praying for all of them!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest News from Clayton and Angie Dinn

Finally…. Here is what you all have been waiting for! We had a wonderful day. Menqian still doesn’t really realize she goes home with us. I guess it’s just hard to understand what a family is when you’ve really never had one and the only one you had was known to be temporary. We know we have a long road to go to show her what family is and means and for her to trust and attach to us as that forever family but we are concentrating on enjoying these moments of fun together as building blocks down the road to attachment.

Anyway… this is how the first meeting went down. Faith saw her pass the doorway of the room we were in. Then Clayton decided to go out and peek at her. About a minute later Menqian came bounding into the room. I don’t think her caregiver realized she had come in. No joke she came up to us and gave us a hug and showed us a book that she was holding about a cartoon character in China. Then, Clayton and I took turns playing with her and Grace and Faith while doing some paperwork. After the guide came up to the room with us we showed her her things we went to the park and had a blast. We went into the petting zoo and gardens area and then road some paddleboats. Super Fun!

Menqian’s favorite thing so far is her own digital camera like her sisters only a different color. She does everything they do! The picture of the three of them holding hands is one I have had in my mind for 10 months now. Praise the Lord it is finally a reality! Wow… what a day!!!
Please continue to pray for them all!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prayers needed for Dinn Family

Everyone PLEASE read this email I just got from Angie and lift them all up in your prayers tonight and tomorrow. Love to you all, Charlotte

Today at around 3pm we meet Joy. Please pray for our initial time with her and for the evening. Also, Grace woke up with a fever last night. Thankfully our pediatrician had given us some antibiotics to bring just in case so pray for God’s healing on her little body and that no one else will get whatever she has. She is hating not feeling well.
Thank you so much.

Update from Clayton & Angie Dinn

We are enjoying being in Nanning. We slept until 11am so we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. It was kind of like a buffet…. It had pictures and you carry around your card and the cooks right down your order. It was good for the girls to have choices. But they didn’t like the western fried rice so they ate French fries and Faith liked some noodles that were in my soup. The picture I attached of the girls at the restaurant probably doesn’t show the looks on their faces well enough but in the restaurant they had definite signs of culture shock!!

We went to a wonderful park this afternoon. The girls played on these hamster ball things that float in the water. Just don’t look mom… my stomach hurt the whole time they were riding but they thought it was awesome!

We seem to be the only Americans in the city… at least that we’ve seen. We went to the grocery store near the hotel and it had lots of options. The girls found some snacks that we had brought home with Joshua so they are eating those and some Orange soda and Sprite. I think they are going to survive on Ramen noodles.
Everyone please continue praying for Clayton, Angie, the girls, and Joy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

update from Angie Dinn

Almost to Nanning.... wow over 24 hours on planes, train, and automobiles is a long time! Everyone has done wonderful though and we are ready for SLEEP laying down. The girls are having to get used to being celebraties. Faith already had a group of people want to take their picture with her when she was checking in with Clayton for our last flight. We keep telling Grace "Just smile and wave" and "Cute and Cuddly" to quote the penguins in Madagascar!

All of us

Please continue to pray for all of them! They get to meet Joy in one day!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

BSI India

Here is the website for the BSI India for anyone who would like to see the latest news, pics, prayer requests, etc.


Prayers for The Dinn Family

Just a reminder to please keep Clayton and Angie Dinn in your prayers, their flight was at 6:30am so they are already on their way!

As soon as I get an update from them I will let everyone know.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cambodia Mission Trip

Per Matt the conference has been going great, they have been a great encouragement to the Pastors in Cambodia! They are making their way back to the states so let's keep Matt and Shane in our prayers for Safe Travels!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Changing the World in a Day; Annual Golf Tournament

2010 Golf Tournament
Monday, May 24th
Chicopee Woods Golf Course
Tee Time: 10am

Please contact Dwight Joy if you are interested in playing or being a Hole Sponsor at

Thank You for Helping Change the World!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicken Dinner Plate Fundraiser this Sunday!

Please purchase a chicken dinner plate on Sunday the 25th after church. Tickets will be sold this Wednesday evening.

All proceeds benefit the boys who are going on the 6 week mission trip to Rwanda, India, and Nepal this Summer.

Thank you for your support of our young men!

Cambodia Update

Received word today that the 1st day of Conference was going well! Per Shane and Matt it is HOT over there!

Please continue praying for them:
**Pray for salvation of those attending Evangelism services
**Pray that the BSI students will be encouraged & strengthened during this time
**Pray for the Cambodian Pastors to be renewed & encouraged during this time

Thanks Everyone!

"LOVE LOUD" Weekend!

We will begin with 12 hours of prayer, April 30th, 7:00pm to May 1st, 7:00am. On May 1st, we will be going out into the community and show the love of Jesus, through different ministries! On Sunday May 2nd, Junior Hill will be with us at the morning service and we will have a time of celebration on Sunday evening!

I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us this weekend!

Prayer Request for The Dinn's

As most of you know Clayton, Angie, & the girls will be leaving this week for China to bring home Joy Men Qian! I have asked them what they would like us to pray for while they are gone, please see their prayer requests:

For now please pray for:

· Joy Men Qian’s preparation for us and us for her.
· We will be able to share the Good News with our guides/ translators. We are praying for God to soften their hearts and they would see their need for Jesus.
· Joshua and Isaac (God’s peace, safety, and just a fun time as they stay with our parents and friends)

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your prayers. Our family is truly blessed by being a part of such an amazing church!
Clayton and Angie

I will update as I receive information from them, thank you for all your prayers!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 Salvations in Cambodia!!

Praise the Lord! Matt called Debi this morning, all is going great, they have had 4 salvations so far. Please continue praying for Everyone!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Latest from Cambodia Mission team

All is good, we had a flawless trip.
We are heading out to church now and we expect to preach 3 times today.
Matt is great and the room is good. HOT! Whewww Doggie!

Please continue to pray for them!

Update on Cambodia Mission Team

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day!

I wanted to let you know Matt & Shane have made it to Cambodia!!

Please continue praying for them and I will update you as I get information.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please pray for the Cambodia Team: April 16th-24th

Shane Satterfield & Matt Almand will be leaving out on the 16th headed to Cambodia, please pray for them!

**Pray for Protection over Health & Travel
**Pray for favor in all airports & boarders
**Pray all supplies will arrive on time
**Pray for team Unity
**Pray for salvation of those attending Evangelism services
**Pray that the BSI students will be encouraged & strengthened during this time
**Pray for the Cambodian Pastors to be renewed & encouraged during this time
**Praise the Lord for finances provided for this project.

"Friends pray believing and with confidence, knowing you made a difference." Mark 11:24, James 5:16


Sunday, April 11, 2010

India Mission Trip

Anyone interested in going to India September 10th-19th, please email Dwight a email letting him know of your interest.


Rwanda Mission Trip

Anyone interested in going to Rwanda, Africa July 16th-24th, please email Dwight a email letting him know of your interest.


Donate your Gently Used Eyeglasses

If you have any extra, gently used eyeglasses, please donate them in the container at the missions desk. These will be used in future medical mission trips! Thanks!