Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest News from Clayton and Angie Dinn

Finally…. Here is what you all have been waiting for! We had a wonderful day. Menqian still doesn’t really realize she goes home with us. I guess it’s just hard to understand what a family is when you’ve really never had one and the only one you had was known to be temporary. We know we have a long road to go to show her what family is and means and for her to trust and attach to us as that forever family but we are concentrating on enjoying these moments of fun together as building blocks down the road to attachment.

Anyway… this is how the first meeting went down. Faith saw her pass the doorway of the room we were in. Then Clayton decided to go out and peek at her. About a minute later Menqian came bounding into the room. I don’t think her caregiver realized she had come in. No joke she came up to us and gave us a hug and showed us a book that she was holding about a cartoon character in China. Then, Clayton and I took turns playing with her and Grace and Faith while doing some paperwork. After the guide came up to the room with us we showed her her things we went to the park and had a blast. We went into the petting zoo and gardens area and then road some paddleboats. Super Fun!

Menqian’s favorite thing so far is her own digital camera like her sisters only a different color. She does everything they do! The picture of the three of them holding hands is one I have had in my mind for 10 months now. Praise the Lord it is finally a reality! Wow… what a day!!!
Please continue to pray for them all!

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